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SWK274 Mental Health Services & Policies

This course is designed to teach students about the dynamics of mental health history, services, policies and special considerations for populations at risk. An interdisciplinary approach to understanding, assessment, treatment and legal process will be covered. The history of mental health services as it applies to contemporary issues and policies will be explored. The varying causes, signs and symptoms, risk factors, cost and treatment of mental illness will be examined extensively. Classroom and course work will include lecture, group discussion, individual and group role-play, case study analysis, multidisciplinary guest speakers and use of the library and internet resources to research mental health issues. The instructor will provide students with some notes and materials from lectures. Students are, however, responsible for taking their own notes during class time. Some class time will be spent in the library and/or computer lab. Students will be notified in advance when classes are scheduled at a different location. This course is designed for students preparing for professions working with individuals, families, organizations and policies. The class is particularly targeted at students majoring in social work, juvenile justice, psychology or legal studies.

Credit Hours: 3

Academic Catalog 15-16