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Biology with Pre-Vet Preparation Concentration

Graduate schools for Veterinary Medicine are competitive, but William Woods University prepares its pre-veterinary students well. A popular program at William Woods University, we experience a 100 percent acceptance rate for students who have applied to colleges of veterinary medicine across the country. The William Woods University Center for Equine Medicine houses a full time doctor of veterinary medicine, where students can participate in hands-on classroom work and where William Woods University’s nearly 200 horses will receive health care, including routine care, diagnosis and treatment.

Additional coursework in the humanities is recomended.

Credit Hours: 27

Course # Course Title Credit Hours
BIO303 Microbiology 4
BIO304 Microbiology Lab 0
CHM324 Organic Chemistry II 4
CHM325 Organic Chemistry II Lab 0
CHM440 Biochemistry 4
CHM441 Biochemistry Lab 0
EQS306 Practical Equine Anatomy & Conditioning 3
EQS404 Veterinary Medicine and Reproduction 3
EQU117 Theory of Performance Horse Health Management 3

Academic Catalog 15-16