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Inclement Weather Policy

Every reasonable effort should be made to have class when it is safe to do so. With campuses located throughout the state, it is impossible to develop a weather policy that will work in all areas, at all times. Therefore, it is the decision of the facilitator and the class representative to determine if weather conditions are widespread and severe enough to warrant cancellation.

CLASSES THAT ARE CANCELLED BECAUSE OF INCLEMENT WEATHER WILL BE REQUIRED TO BE RESCHEDULED. Instructors who are considering the cancellation of the class for inclement weather may call the Graduate College at 573-592-1174 for consultation if they feel the need to do so.

If weather conditions warrant cancellation of a class at a specific site, the established communication chain for the relevant cohort group(s) should be activated. Facilitators who do cancel class should inform the Graduate College at 573-592-1174 or by email to in order for the appropriate Dean to be notified of the cancellation.

Revised: 3/27/2012

Academic Catalog 14-15