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Business Management B.S.

Delivery Method: Evening,  Online

The Bachelor of Science in Management degree completion program consists of a 42 semester hour, 14 course sequence designed for the working professional interested in completing the baccalaureate degree with an emphasis in management. Students entering this program must have 50 to 60 transferable credit hours from a regionally accredited college or university.

Course List - Total Hours: 42

Course # Course Title Hours
BMT310 Management and Leadership 3
BMT321 Managerial Communications 3
BMT350 Managerial Accounting 3
BMT421 Systems Management 3
BMT423 Managerial Risk Management 3
BMT439 Managerial Ethics 3
BMT440 Financial Management 3
BMT450 Marketing Analysis and Research 3
BMT468 Managerial Statistics 3
BMT475 Human Resources Administration 3
BMT480 Legal Environments of Business 3
BMT490 International Business 3
BMT499 Managerial Policies and Strategies 3
ECN421 Managerial Economics 3

Academic Catalog 14-15