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Accounting  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Air Force ROTC (Off Campus Agreement)  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

American Sign Language (ASL) Studies  B.A.  Day/Fulton Campus

Art  B.A.  Day/Fulton Campus

Art  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

ASL - English Interpreting  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

ASL - English Interpreting  B.A.  Day/Fulton Campus

Athletic Training  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Biology  B.A.  Day/Fulton Campus

Biology  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Biology Education   B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Business Administration  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Business Management  B.S.  Evening

Communication  B.A.  Day/Fulton Campus

Communication  B.F.A.  Day/Fulton Campus

Communication  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Education (Elementary)  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus, Evening

Education (Middle-Level)  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Education (Secondary)  Certification  Day/Fulton Campus

Education (Special)  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Educational Studies  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus, Evening

English  B.A.  Day/Fulton Campus

English Education  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Equestrian Science  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Equine Administration  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Equine General Studies  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Exercise Science  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Graphic Design  B.F.A.  Day/Fulton Campus

Graphic Design  B.A.  Day/Fulton Campus

Graphic Design  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

History  B.A.  Day/Fulton Campus

History Education  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Interdisciplinary Studies  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Interdisciplinary Studies  B.A.  Day/Fulton Campus

Interpretation Studies in ASL-English  B.S.  Online

Legal Studies  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Management Information Systems  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Mathematics  B.A.  Day/Fulton Campus

Paralegal Studies   B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus, Evening

Physical Education (9-12)  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Physical Education (K-12)  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Physical Education (K-9)  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Political/Legal Studies  B.A.  Day/Fulton Campus

Psychology  B.A.  Day/Fulton Campus

Social Work  B.S.W.  Day/Fulton Campus

Speech and Theatre Education  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Sport Management  B.S.  Day/Fulton Campus

Studio Art  B.F.A.  Day/Fulton Campus

Theatre  B.A.  Day/Fulton Campus

Degree Descriptions

A.A. Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts (A.A.) ia a 61-hour degree rooted in the University’s Common Studies curriculum. Program completion qualifies a student for admission into a degree completion program of the University and meets the institution's Common Studies (general education) requirements

B.A. Bachelor of Arts
The Bachelor of Arts degree usually includes a major of 30-42 credits and a minor of 18 credits. Majors associated with the bachelor of arts are most appropriate to students seeking a liberal-learning,pre-professional or graduate school orientation.
B.F.A. Bachelor of Fine Arts
The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree includes a major of 60 - 72 credit hours. It does not require a minor.
B.S. Bachelor of Science
The Bachelor of Science degree usually includes a major of 42 to 60 credits. This degree does not require a minor. Majors associated with the bachelor of science degree best serve students interested
B.S.W. Bachelor of Social Work
The Bachelor of Social Work degree includes a major of 48 credit hours. It does not require a minor
Certification Secondary

Academic Catalog 13-14