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Assessment of Prior Learning


The University recognizes that knowledge may be systematically acquired in a variety of ways that do not involve or entail a formal classroom or instructional setting. The University also acknowledges that knowledge so acquired may relate directly or specifically to undergraduate curriculum and degree requirements.


The award of prior learning hours earned through the petition process may not exceed 36 credit hours for a baccalaureate, 15 credit hours for an associate degree, or 9 hours for a graduate degree.


Credit for prior learning may be acknowledged in instances in which a substantive relationship can be documented between knowledge gained experientially and the various realms of instruction represented in the curriculum of the University.




The University permits credit awards to recognize systematic learning which has been accomplished experientially. As much as prior learning may impact upon the course of study, it is critical that assessment of prior learning be undertaken and completed before or shortly subsequent to admission and enrollment in course work. Thus, in addition to restrictions placed on the number of credit hours that can be awarded to prior learning, the University restricts the time period in which prior learning assessments and portfolio reviews may be undertaken. Assessments, portfolio reviews, and credit awards must be accomplished during the first 15 credit hours of study at the University subsequent to enrollment in WWU 293.




Academic Catalog 17-18