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Withdrawal From A Course

 Students who wish to withdraw from a course must notify their academic advisor and submit the official schedule change form or written request to the Office of the Registrar.  A grade of "W" will be entered. W grades do not count in the student's semester or cumulative GPA. The withdrawal is not official until the paperwork is processed through the Office of the Registrar. A student who simply stops going to class or who fails to submit the request according to the deadline will receive a letter grade based upon the entire semester/ term's work.







The scheduled deadline to withdraw from a 16 week semester long course is approximately 10 weeks into the course. Comparably, students in eight week courses will have through the end of the 5th calendar week of the course to withdraw with a W grade. Students who are enrolled in the course on or after the term start date will be charged full or a prorated tuition, if the request to withdraw is submitted after the first business week of the term (4:30pm Friday).  Students who are enrolled in a three week summer course on or after the term start date  will be charged full tuition, if the request to withdraw is submitted after the second day of the term (4:30pm Friday).  Failure to attend/participate does not exempt tuition/fee charges.




Academic Catalog 17-18