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Military Studies (GOLD) - 18 Credits

Those who complete the Military Studies – GOLD course of instruction will have accelerated development as a Leader-Scholar-Athlete through a wide variety of hands-on leadership experiences, academic challenges, and unique learning opportunities not available with any other program. Those students who are eligible for the GOLD program, can become commissioned officers through OCS as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army between their junior and senior year. Qualified GOLD students may receive scholarships, opportunities for study abroad in military exchange programs, adventure training such as Air Assault School, or other leadership intern programs. The Military Studies – GOLD minor provides graduates with a competitive advantage over their peers when seeking employment with government agencies and defense contractors through documented hands-on leadership experience. Graduates with the Military Studies – GOLD minor will be ready to assume leadership positions immediately upon graduation. The program provides focus on what students need to “Be, Know, and Do” in order to perform as effective leaders such as resolving conflict, decision-making, adapting to change, providing vision, motivating others, and achieving organizational goals. These are critical and necessary skills for every type of organization.

*Prerequisites for MIL301: LDR201 Concepts in Leadership. (Prerequisites may be waived by the Director of Military Science based on prior military experience. Qualifying military experience is generally defined as completion of basic training and advanced individual training from any military branch of the Department of Defense.) **Must maintain a cumulative grade of 2.5 or higher in the Military Studies course of study.

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Core Credits: 18.00

Course # Course Title Credit Hours
MIL 301 Application of Military Leadership 3.00
MIL 302 Advanced Military Leadership 3.00
MIL 303 Advanced Military Leadership Lab 0.00
MIL 311 Application Military Leadership Lab 0.00
MIL 350 Officer Candidate School (OCS) I 3.00
MIL 360 Officer Candidate School (OCS) II 3.00

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