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Coaching Minor

The Coaching minor would give all education majors, and even non-majors who may want to coach for local Parks & Recreation Departments or YMCAs, the knowledge base to take on coaching duties at the secondary school level. Program Objectives: ? Students will develop the skills needed in basic first aid and CPR/AED to properly provide emergency care to athletes of all ages. ? Students will obtain the knowledge and skills needed to help prevent, manage and provide basic treatment for sports injuries. ? Students will increase their ability to properly manage an athletic program including leadership, budget and facility management. ? Students will acquire the skills necessary to apply psychological concepts to sports participation. ? Students will develop an understanding of how an athlete’s psyche changes during sports participation and the ability to manage different personalities and psychological issues. ? Students will enhance their understanding of the various offensive and defensive strategies of football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, track & field and cross country. ? Students will learn how to evaluate players and design practices and drill to instruct proper technique. ? Students will expand their understanding of the various philosophies and approaches to the arrangement of practice sessions and off-season programs. ? Students will gain an appreciation for the various game strategies, how to scout opponents and develop game strategies. ? Students will increase their understanding of the rules and officiating of football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, track & field, and cross country at both the interscholastic and intercollegiate levels.

Credit Hours: 18.00

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Course # Course Title Credit Hours
EXS 104 First Aid and CPR 2.00
EXS 303 Prevention/Care Athletic Injuries 3.00
EXS 304 Prevention and Care Lab 1.00
PED 401 Thry Coaching Baseball and Softball 2.00
PED 402 Thry Coaching Track/Field & Crs Cnt 2.00
PED 403 Theory of Coaching Football/Soccer 2.00
PED 404 Theory of Coaching Basket/Volleybll 2.00
PSY 401 Sports Psychology 3.00
SMG 406 Management of Athletics 3.00

Academic Catalog 17-18