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General Education

All William Woods University undergraduate students complete a General Education program. Upon completion of their General Education courses, students are expected to possess the knowledge and skills to meet the university’s general education objectives.

Two-Tier General Education

Students are required to complete 39 credit hours of general education. The program is divided into two-tiers.

Tier I: Foundations – 21 credit hours

Courses found in this tier are designed to deliver students the essential skills needed to successfully complete their coursework throughout their educational career.

Written Communication – 6.00 credits

Oral Communication – 3.00 credits

Information Literacy –3.00 credits

Historical Perspective – 3.00 credits

Natural Science – 3.00 credits

Mathematics – 3.00 credits

Tier II: Exploration – 18 credit hours

Students will build upon their foundational skills to pursue their scholarly interests across multiple domains of knowledge and methods of thinking.

Expression & Invention – 6.00 credits

Inquiry & Analysis – 6.00 credits

Cultures & Communities - 6.00 credits


General Education requirements/Major requirements - Courses can count toward major and General Education requirements simultaneously. For example, ART 105 may be used to meet requirements for the Art Education major and for General Education.

The requirements for several components include 100-level and 200-level courses in various categories. A 100-level course is one with a course number from 100 to 199, such as English 101 or Math 114. A 200-level course is one with a course number from 200 to 299, such as English 205 or ECN 251.

A course cannot be used to fulfill more than one General Education requirement.

Academic Catalog

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