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Equine General Studies Elective - 10 Credits

You may take any of the following courses to fulfill the requirements for Equine General Studies Elective - 10 Credits

Minimum Required Hours: 10.00

Course # Course Title Credit Hours
COM 224 Equine Production 3.00
EQA 305 Techniques of Facility Management 4.00
EQS 205 Survey of Saddle Seat Training Meth 1.00
EQS 212 Theory of Teaching Techniques I 3.00
EQS 304 Theory Equine Behav & Train Methods 3.00
EQS 311 Tack Construction & Repair 1.00
EQS 328 Equine Evaluation 3.00
EQS 333 History of Breeds and Bloodlines 3.00
EQS 404 Veterinary Medicine & Reproduction 3.00
EQU 211 Survey of Equine Assisted Therapies 3.00
EQU 391 Horse Management Practicum II 4.00
EQU 405 Equine Business Practices 3.00

Additional options include the following:

Elective Hours
Applied Riding Elective - No more than 2 Applied Riding Credits can be applied 0.00

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