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Internship - 3 Credits

You may take any of the following courses to fulfill the requirements for Internship - 3 Credits

Minimum Required Hours: 3.00

Course # Course Title Credit Hours
MIS 401 MIS Internship I 1.00
MIS 402 MIS Internship II 2.00
MIS 403 MIS Internship III 3.00
MIS 404 MIS Internship IV 4.00
MIS 405 MIS Internship V 5.00
MIS 406 MIS Internship VI 6.00
MIS 407 MIS Internship VII 7.00
MIS 408 MIS Internship VIII 8.00
MIS 409 MIS Internship IX 9.00
MIS 410 MIS Internship X 10.00
MIS 411 MIS Internship XI 11.00
MIS 412 MIS Internship XII 12.00

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