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Meaning - must complete at least 3 Credits

You may take any of the following courses to fulfill the requirements for Meaning - must complete at least 3 Credits

Minimum Required Hours: 3.00

Course # Course Title Credit Hours
ENG 201 World Masterpieces I -L 3.00
ENG 202 World Masterpieces II -L 3.00
ENG 205 English Literature I -L 3.00
ENG 206 English Literature II -L 3.00
ENG 210 Introduction to Film Studies -L 3.00
ENG 215 Film Genres -L 3.00
ENG 218 Introduction to Creative Writing -L 3.00
ENG 238 American Literature I -L 3.00
ENG 239 American Literature II-L 3.00
ENG 280 Introduction to Literature -L 3.00

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