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Elective Details

Required Electives - 12 Credits

You may take any of the following courses to fulfill the requirements for Required Electives - 12 Credits

Minimum Required Hours: 12.00

Course # Course Title Credit Hours
CMJ 160 Police Process 3.00
CMJ 200 Introductory Project 0.00
CMJ 300 Independent Study 3.00
CMJ 310 Community Policing 3.00
CMJ 330 Crime Mapping 3.00
CMJ 355 Criminal Investigations & Crime Scn 3.00
CMJ 385 Digital Evidence and Forensic Investigations 3.00
CMJ 390 Special Topics: Criminal Justice 3.00
CMJ 425 Transportation and Cargo Security 3.00
CMJ 447 Information Security 3.00
CMJ 451 CMJ Internship I 3.00
CMJ 452 CMJ Internship 6.00
CMJ 480 Security Management 3.00

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