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Required Professional Education Courses - 50 hours

*Students must have applied and received admission to the Teacher Education Program in order to take 400 level courses. Please speak with your advisor or the department of education if you have questions. [0]

You may take any of the following courses to fulfill the requirements for Required Professional Education Courses - 50 hours

Minimum Required Hours: 50.00

Course # Course Title Credit Hours
BIO 418 BIO Methods of Teaching 3.00
EDU 201 Multicultural Education -D 3.00
EDU 211 Educational Technology I 3.00
EDU 231 Exceptional Child 3.00
EDU 250 Foundations of Education 3.00
EDU 291 Beginning Clinical Experience 2.00
EDU 392 Reading & Wrtng in the Content Area 3.00
EDU 395 Intermediate Clinical Experience 3.00
EDU 422 Measurement & Assessment in Education 3.00
EDU 441 Student Centered Reading & Writing 3.00
EDU 453 Classroom Management 3.00
EDU 492 Educational Seminar 3.00
EDU 499 Supervised Teaching (Secondary) 9.00
PSY 221 Educational Psychology -S 3.00
PSY 226 Child and Adolescent Development -S 3.00

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