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Speech & Theatre Education (9-12) - 98 Credits - BS

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus

The undergraduate education program at William Woods University is committed to the development of reflective teachers, who draw upon the skills, knowledge, and dispositions necessary for high-impact careers in the field. A variety of authentic experiential learning opportunities and vital partnerships with local school districts allow teacher candidates to apply the pedagogical principles introduced in their coursework. The WWU undergraduate education program continues to develop responsive and rigorous curriculum designed to engage students in the historical, cultural, political, social, psychological and technological aspects of teaching. With a small faculty dedicated to the success of each student, William Woods teacher candidates will find the program to be collaborative and learner-focused.

Education majors must complete all major courses, including concentration and secondary certification courses (if applicable), with a final grade of ‘C’ or better.

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Core Credits: 98.00

Course # Course Title Hours
COM 101 Intro To Speech Communication -C 3.00
COM 105 Voice & Diction -C 3.00
COM 190 Media & Mass Communication 3.00
COM 209 Argumentation and Debate -T 3.00
COM 320 Communication Theory 3.00
COM 330 Freedom of Expression or Media Law & The First Amendment 3.00
THA 110 Introduction to Theatre -A 3.00
THA 234 Stagecraft 3.00
THA 255 Acting I Basic Skills -A 3.00
THA 331 Lighting for Stage and Set 3.00
THA 362 Theatre History I 3.00
THA 470 Directing 3.00

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