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Sport Management - 60 Credits - BS

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus

The Sport Management major is designed with the student in mind who has watched, played and been passionate about sport their entire lives and thought 'If have to work somewhere, why not have it be in something that I am so connected to?'. To meet this goal and the needs of an evolving industry, new courses covering international sport & facility/event management have been added to add provide more depth to a program that has sport-based courses in law, management, marketing, finance, media, ethics, sociology & psychology. To get the practical, hands-on experience, the program regularly works with Owls Athletics on projects and the curriculum provides students opportunities for multiple internships.

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Core Credits: 60.00

Course # Course Title Hours
ACC 240 Principles of Accounting I 3.00
BUS 324 Personal Finance 3.00
BUS 421 Organizational Behavior 3.00
COM 214 Sport Communication 3.00
COM 304 Sports Media 3.00
COM 337 Web & Social Media Campaigns 3.00
EXS 220 Social Science in Sport 3.00
EXS 401 Sports Psychology 3.00
SMG 100 Introduction to Sport Management 3.00
SMG 117 Sports Ethics -E 3.00
SMG 310 Sport Law 3.00
SMG 321 Sports Marketing 3.00
SMG 330 Event & Facility Management 3.00
SMG 390 SMG Internship I 3.00
SMG 406 Management of Athletics 3.00
SMG 410 Global Sport Environment 3.00
SMG 412 Economic and Financial Management of Sport 3.00
SMG 451 SMG Internship II 3.00

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