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Psychology - 43 Credits - BA

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus, Online

Bachelor of Arts degree program require a minor and a year of a foreign language. The major in psychology is designed to prepare students to be successful in their graduate school pursuits. The program is focused on giving students the foundational knowledge necessary to be competent in whichever area of psychology they choose. Our psychology degree also focuses on understanding and predicting behavior, critically evaluating empirical research, and the development of counseling skills. Student are offered numerous opportunities for research and internships.

Coursework in biology, composition, philosophy and sociology are good support areas for a psychology major. (Students interested in attending graduate school in psychology are strongly recommended and urged to complete ENG302 Technical Writing.)

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Core Credits: 43.00

Course # Course Title Hours
MAT 114 Elementary Statistics -M 3.00
PSY 101 General Psychology I -S 3.00
PSY 102 General Psychology II -S 3.00
PSY 225 Careers in Psychology 3.00
PSY 310 Social Psychology 3.00
PSY 313 Statistics for the Social Sciences 3.00
PSY 324 Cognitive Psychology 4.00
PSY 411 Abnormal Psychology 3.00
PSY 413 Advanced Research Project 3.00
PSY 450 Psychology Seminar 3.00
SWK 313 Research Methods 3.00

Required Electives

Elective Hours
Psychology Electives - 9 Credits 9.00

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