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Paralegal Studies - 42 Credits - BS

Delivery Method: Online

To provide students with a core of legal knowledge and critical thinking, understanding of professional ethics, communication and interpersonal skills, which will enhance the students’ ability to function effectively as professionals in a legal environment.

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Core Credits: 42.00

Course # Course Title Hours
PRL 302 Law and Paralegalism 3.00
PRL 304 Electronic Legal Research 3.00
PRL 306 Civil Practice 3.00
PRL 309 Ethics and the Law Office 3.00
PRL 311 Evidence and Fact Gathering 3.00
PRL 315 Family Law 3.00
PRL 318 Criminal Practice 3.00
PRL 321 Administrative & Federal Procedure 3.00
PRL 420 Probate and Estate Planning 3.00
PRL 430 Contracts 3.00
PRL 440 Constitutional Issues 3.00
PRL 450 Torts Law 3.00
PRL 475 Practicum and Capstone 6.00

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