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Management Information Systems - BS

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus

Since when can a major offer so many career options! Management Information Systems at William Woods University will give you the flexibility to prepare you for a multitude of careers with our programs developed around individual student interests. Our faculty prepare you for these careers by allowing you the opportunity to engage in self-directed projects, partnerships with major companies in the area, internships, and the opportunity to assist in running the only student-managed business on campus. These hands-on activities take classroom theory and pull it into real-world activities. When you leave WWU, you will have a full array of MIS projects proven to show employers your ability to apply classroom knowledge. Come join MIS today!

Course List - Minimum Required Hours: 51.00

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Course # Course Title Hours
ACC 240 Principles of Accounting I 3.00
ACC 412 Advanced Productivity Tools 3.00
BUS 206 Entrepreneurship 3.00
BUS 324 Personal Finance 3.00
BUS 332 Business Communications 3.00
MIS 100 Introduction to Web 2.0 3.00
MIS 125 Productivity Tools 3.00
MIS 225 Database Management Systems 3.00
MIS 250 Networks and Telecommunications 3.00
MIS 325 Website Development 3.00
MIS 350 Project Management 3.00
MIS 425 Enterprise Collaboration Software 3.00
MIS 450 Systems Analysis 3.00
MIS 475 Mngmnt Information Systems/Capstone 3.00

Academic Catalog 17-18