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Liberal Arts A.A. - 61 Credits - AA

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus, Online

The Associate of Arts (A.A.) is a 61-hour degree rooted in the University’s General Education curriculum. Program completion qualifies a student for admission into a degree completion program of the University and meets the institution's general education requirements. A maximum of 30 hours of transfer credit may be applied toward the Associate of Arts degree. Credits are accepted at full value provided that the transferring institution is accredited by an agency recognized by the USDE (U.S. Department of Education) and CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation). Courses that are comparable to William Woods University course offering are accepted in transfer. Courses accepted in transfer must have a final grade earned of “C” or above. Transfer courses meeting general education objectives will be applied toward the degree. Students may participate in placement testing for the English Composition and Mathematics classes. Placement tests may be arranged with the student’s academic advisor. Depending upon English placement, students will initially enroll in Introduction to College Writing (ENG099), English Composition I (ENG101) or English Composition II (ENG102). Depending upon math placement, each student’s first mathematics course will be Introduction to Mathematics (MAT098), Basic Algebra (MAT099) or Survey of College Math (MAT112). ENG099, MAT098 and MAT099 count for institutional credit, but do not count towards degree requirements. Students who choose not to participate in the English placement testing will complete ENG099, ENG101 and ENG102. Students who choose not to participate in the mathematics placement testing will complete MAT098, MAT099, and MAT112. Requirements Communication (course with ‘C’ designation in title) - 9 hrs Creativity/Aesthetic Sensibility (course with ‘A’ designation in title) - 3 hrs Critical Thinking (course with ‘T’ designation in title) -3hrs Cultural Diversity (course with ‘D’ designation in title) - 3 hr Historical Perspectives (course with ‘H’ designation in title) - 6 hrs Mathematics (course with ‘M’ designation in title) - 3 hrs Meaning (course with ‘L’; designation in title)- 3 hrs Natural Science (course with ‘N’ designation in title) - 7 hrs (must complete at least one lab) Social Science (course with ‘S’ designation in title) - 3 hrs Value (course with ‘E’ designation in title) - 3 hrs Electives - 18 hrs (Any course with a ‘C’, ’A’, ‘T’, ‘D’, ‘H’, ‘M’, ‘L’, ‘N’, ‘S’ or ‘E’ designation in the title.) *Enrollment in ENG099, MAT098 and MAT099 at WWU is based on performance in voluntary placement examinations (see above). Courses may only meet one A.A. degree requirement.

Students must complete the 43 Credit General Education Block Core and 18 General Education Elective Credits (Any Course with a ‘C’,’A’,’T’,’D’,’H’,’M’,’L’,’N’,’S’ or ‘E’ designation in the title.) *Courses may only meet one AA degree requirement **ENG099, MAT098 & MAT099 do not count towards degree requirements.

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Core Credits: 61.00

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