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ITP Studies in ASL-English - 39 Credits - BS

Delivery Method: Online

The demand for qualified ASL-English interpreters is traditionally high and is increasing yearly. The National Interpreter Education Center has documented a nationwide shortage of qualified interpreters. Since 2008, anyone wishing to sit for the National Interpreter Certification (NIC) must have completed a two-year degree. Now, under new National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) rules (July 2012), a four-year degree is required for anyone wishing to become nationally certified. A number of states are now discussing similar plans for state certification. The Bachelor of Science degree in interpretation studies in ASL/English will prepare students to effectively communicate and interpret between American Sign Language and English. The curriculum strongly emphasizes the sociological, historical, cross-cultural and educational approach to teaching and learning about the Deaf community and American Sign Language through the classroom, experiential learning events, and interactions. The program will prepare students to sit for national certification and to fill the increasing demand for skilled, qualified interpreters. The Bachelor of Science degree in interpretation studies in ASL/English is a 13-course, 39-credit- hour degree-completion program designed for students who have completed a two-year degree in ASL interpreting or course equivalencies as determined by program faculty. Applicants who hold current National Interpreter Certification may have the entrance language proficiency exam waived and apply for Credential Learning credit. All students must complete a total of 122 hours for graduation, including transfer credit, general education, ASL/Interpreting and electives. Admission Requirements ? Language proficiency - Applicants will be assessed by full-time campus faculty for ASL fluency through an online assessment. The established proficiency benchmark must be met for entrance to the program. This assessment will be waived for applicants holding current NIC certification. ? College/university experience - Students must have completed a two-year degree in ASL interpreting or course equivalencies as determined by program faculty prior to entry to the program. ? GPA requirements - Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher to start program courses.

*Students must complete the appropriate ASL I-V pre-requisite courses with a grade of C or higher, or demonstrate equivalent experience for instructor wavier of pre-requisite before they can register for designated courses. **Students must earn a final grade of C or higher to continue on in their sequence of major courses.

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Core Credits: 39.00

Course # Course Title Hours
ASL 316 Linguistics Non-Manual Mrkrs in ASL 3.00
ASL 425 Linguistics of American Sign Lang 3.00
ASL 430 ASL Literature 3.00
ENG 301 Grammar and Syntax 3.00
ITP 211 Theory of Interpretation 3.00
ITP 251 Ethics in Interpreting 3.00
ITP 302 Interpreting Application and Analysis 3.00
ITP 310 Interpreting in Advanced Settings I 3.00
ITP 410 Interpreting in Advanced Setting II 3.00
ITP 450 Senior Capstone 3.00
ITP 451 Field Practicum I 3.00
ITP 452 Field Practicum II 3.00

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