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Exercise Science - 61 to 99 Credits ( 31 Core Credits and 30 to 68 Credits from selected concentration) - BS

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus

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Core Credits: 31.00

Course # Course Title Hours
EXS 100 Personal Health or Personal and Community Health 3.00
EXS 103 Introduction to Human Nutrition or Nutrition 3.00
EXS 104 First Aid and CPR 2.00
EXS 180 Introduction to Exercise Science 1.00
EXS 205 Introduction to Anatomy -N 3.00
EXS 302 Introduction to Exercise Physiology 3.00
EXS 303 Prevention and Care Athletic Injuries 3.00
EXS 304 Prevention and Care Lab 1.00
EXS 314 Motor Learning and Development 3.00
EXS 321 Kinesiology 3.00
EXS 401 Sports Psychology 3.00
EXS 422 Measurement and Assessment 3.00

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