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Equine General Studies - 55 Credits (Core - 27 Credits and Selected Concentration - 28 Credits) - BS

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus

Students majoring in Equine General Studies will complete a concentration in Equestrian Studies, Equine Media or Equine Assisted Therapies.

*Courses cannot be used to fulfill both the core/elective requirements and concentration requirements; students must have 55 distinct credits to fulfill major requirements.

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Core Credits: 27.00

Course # Course Title Hours
EQA 312 Equestrian Communication 3.00
EQU 101 Equestrian First Year Seminar 1.00
EQU 111 Introduction to the Horse Industry 3.00
EQU 117 Theory of Performance Hrs Hlth Mgmt 3.00
EQU 118 Theory Prfrmnc Horse Hlth Mngmt II 3.00
EQU 202 Foundations of Equestrian Teaching and Learning 2.00
EQU 206 Introduction to Equine Entrepreneurship 3.00
EQU 221 Stable Management 3.00
EQU 403 Equestrian Senior Seminar 3.00
EQU 415 Equestrian Senior Portfolio 1.00

Required Electives

Elective Hours
Issues of Riding - 2 Credits 2.00

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