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Education Middle School - BS

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus

Students who plan to teach grades 5-9 in Missouri complete this sequence of courses and a concentration in language arts, mathematics, social science or science. Students interested in becoming certified to teach in other states need to follow these program requirements and be recommended for Missouri certification by the Registrar. They may then take that certification to other states. Policies vary among states. Information on the curriculum, policies and requirements of the university’s Teacher Education Program and of its teacher certification process is available in the Teacher Education Program handbook. The handbook is posted on the Education program’s website. *Education majors must complete all major courses, including concentration and secondary certification courses (if applicable), with a final grade of ‘C’ or better.

Course List - Minimum Required Hours: 64.00

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Course # Course Title Hours
EDU 201 Multicultural Education 3.00
EDU 211 Educational Technology I 3.00
EDU 231 Exceptional Child 3.00
EDU 250 Foundations of Education 3.00
EDU 291 Beginning Clinical Experience 2.00
EDU 311 Middle School Philosophy and Organi 3.00
EDU 314 Middle School Curriculum & Instruct 3.00
EDU 317 Teaching Language Arts & Children's Literature 3.00
EDU 318 Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary/Middle Grades 3.00
EDU 392 Reading & Wrtng in the Content Area 3.00
EDU 393 Teaching Reading and Writing 3.00
EDU 395 Intermediate Clinical Experience 3.00
EDU 422 Measurement & Assessment in Eductn 3.00
EDU 441 Student Centered Reading & Writing 3.00
EDU 453 Classroom Management 3.00
EDU 492 Educational Seminar 3.00
EDU 495 Supervised Teaching (Middle Level) 9.00
MAT 231 Understanding Mathematics for Tchrs 3.00
PSY 221 Educational Psychology -S 3.00
PSY 226 Child and Adolescent Development -S 3.00

Required Electives

Elective Hours
Methods of Teaching Specialty Area - 3 Credits 3.00

Academic Catalog 17-18