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Deaf Human Services - 60 Credits - BS

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus, Online

To prepare human services professionals to serve Deaf individuals in families, groups, cummunities and/or other suppoerted human services organization functions. The American Sign Language and Interpreting Program at WWU prepares graduates to work as culturally responsible professionals providing excellent service to the Deaf Community.

*Students must have an ASLPI score of 2.0 prior to declaring the major. Exit score ASLPI 3.0 for graduation.

**Students participating in the agreement with the DMH must meet DMH requirements.

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Core Credits: 57.00

Course # Course Title Hours
ASL 101 Career Seminar in ASL Studies 3.00
ASL 120 Deaf Culture -D 3.00
ASL 321 Sociological Perspectives of Deaf Education 3.00
ASL 425 Linguistics of American Sign Lang 3.00
ASL 450 Senior Capstone 3.00
EDU 231 Exceptional Child 3.00
EDU 351 Language Development 3.00
MAT 114 Elementary Statistics -M 3.00
PSY 101 General Psychology I -S 3.00
PSY 102 General Psychology II -S 3.00
PSY 313 Statistics for the Social Sciences 3.00
PSY 411 Abnormal Psychology 3.00
SCA 245 Ethics in Social Science -E 3.00
SWK 215 Social Welfare -S 3.00
SWK 274 Mental Health Services and Policies 3.00
SWK 312 Intervention Strategies Indiv/Famil 3.00
SWK 313 Research Methods 3.00
SWK 316 Human Behavior in the Environment I 3.00
SWK 317 Human Behavior in Environment II 3.00

Required Electives

Elective Hours
Advanced Reaearch or Intership Elective - 3 Credits 3.00

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