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Cybersecurity - 57 Credits - BS

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus, Online

The Bachelor of Science in cybersecurity is designed around identified core knowledge areas supporting information security. The program includes theoretical and practical hands-on approaches preparing students to enter the IT and cybersecurity workforce or continue their education in a related graduate degree program.

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Core Credits: 57.00

Course # Course Title Hours
CMJ 385 Digital Evidence and Forensic Investigations 3.00
CMJ 440 Cybercrime and Information Warfare 3.00
CMJ 447 Information Security 3.00
CSS 210 Introduction to Cybersecurity 3.00
CSS 310 Cybersecurity Law & Ethics 3.00
CSS 324 Cybersecurity & Internet Architecture 3.00
CSS 325 Cyber Attacks and Defenses 3.00
CSS 401 Encryption Techniques 3.00
CSS 410 Social Engineering 3.00
CSS 420 Critical Infrastructures 3.00
CSS 440 Cloud Security 3.00
CSS 490 Cybersecurity Capstone 3.00
MIS 100 Cloud Computing 3.00
MIS 225 Database Management Systems 3.00
MIS 250 Networking 3.00
MIS 350 Project Management 3.00
MIS 425 Enterprise Systems 3.00
MIS 450 Systems Analysis 3.00

Required Electives

Elective Hours
Independent Study/Internship - 3 Credtis 3.00

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