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Criminal Justice - 54 Credits - BS

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus

The goal of the criminal justice program here at William Woods University is to permit students to maximize their hiring potential by allowing them focus their studies in a particular area, and in some cases, choose to double major in a related field of study; such as political legal studies or cybersecurity. We offer three content areas which address the growing nature of the field of criminal justice. Students can focus their studies in the areas of law enforcement, homeland and industrial security or cybersecurity. We also offer students the opportunity to engage in field experience, internships and law enforcement related trainings.

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Core Credits: 54.00

Course # Course Title Hours
CMJ 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice -S 3.00
CMJ 180 Criminology -T 3.00
CMJ 230 Criminal Justice World History 3.00
CMJ 270 Criminal Law 3.00
CMJ 280 Criminal Procedure 3.00
CMJ 320 Foreign and Domestic Terrorism 3.00
CMJ 340 Black Market Economics 3.00
CMJ 355 Crime Scene Investigation 3.00
CMJ 370 Drugs in America 3.00
CMJ 380 Research Mthds in Criminal Justice 3.00
CMJ 417 American Cults and Serial Killers 3.00
CMJ 427 Criminal Justice and Cultural Revolution 3.00

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