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Biology B.S. - 66 to 73 Credits (36 Core Credits and 30 to 37 Concentration Credits) - BS

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus

Pre-Med Preparation Concentration - William Woods University experiences 100 percent acceptance into advanced professional degrees in medical school, pharmacy and physical therapy doctoral programs. Our Pre-Medicine concentration prepares students with the additional pre-requisite coursework they will need for admission to and success in their medical field of choice, including calculus, anatomy and physiology, chemistry and others. Additional coursework in the humanities, psychology and/or sociology is recommended, especially writing intensive classes.

Pre-Vet Preparation Concentration - Graduate schools for Veterinary Medicine are competitive, but William Woods University prepares its pre-veterinary students well. A popular program at William Woods University, we experience a high acceptance rate for students who have applied to colleges of veterinary medicine across the country. The William Woods University Center for Equine Medicine houses a full time doctor of veterinary medicine, where students can participate in hands-on classroom work and where William Woods University’s nearly 200 horses will receive health care, including routine care, diagnosis and treatment. Additional coursework in the humanities is recommended.

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Core Credits: 36.00

Course # Course Title Hours
BIO 114 Biology I for Majors -N 4.00
BIO 115 or BIO 116 Biology I Lab for Majors or Gen Bio I Lab for Transfer students 0.00 or 1.00
BIO 124 Biology II for Majors -N 4.00
BIO 125 Biology II Lab for Majors 0.00
BIO 231 Genetics 4.00
BIO 232 Genetics Lab 0.00
BIO 401 Evolution 3.00
BIO 450 Biology Practicum 1.00
CHM 114 General Chemistry I -N 4.00
CHM 115 or CHM 116 General Chemistry I Lab or General Chemistry I Lab transfer st 0.00 or 1.00
CHM 124 General Chemistry II -N 4.00
CHM 125 General Chemistry II Lab 0.00
CHM 314 Organic Chemistry I 4.00
CHM 315 or CHM 316 Organic Chemistry I Lab or Organic Chemistry I Lab for Transfer Students 0.00 or 1.00
PHY 201 Physics I -N 4.00
PHY 202 or PHY 203 Physics I Lab or Physics I Lab for transfer students 0.00 or 1.00
PHY 212 Physics II -N 4.00
PHY 213 Physics II Lab 0.00

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