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Biology Education - BS

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus

Upon completing this program, students will be able to do the following: Demonstrate the process of scientific inquiry while relating the historical development of theories and knowledge in science. Analyze the relationship and interaction between science, technology and society. Demonstrate knowledge of the properties of matter and forces of nature. Demonstrate knowledge classification, structures and functions of living organisms. Demonstrate knowledge of ecosystem dynamics and interactions of organisms with the environment. Demonstrate knowledge of Earth processes and interactions. Demonstrate knowledge of characteristics, composition, and evolution of the universe. *Education majors must complete all major courses, including concentration and secondary certification courses (if applicable), with a final grade of ‘C’ or better.

Course List - Minimum Required Hours: 93.00

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Course # Course Title Hours
BIO 114 General Biology I -N 4.00
BIO 115 Gen Bio I Lab 0.00
BIO 124 Gen Biology II -N 4.00
BIO 125 Gen Bio II Lab 0.00
BIO 209 Intr To Environmental Science -N 3.00
BIO 231 Genetics 4.00
BIO 232 Genetics Lab 0.00
PHY 201 Physics I -N 4.00
PHY 202 Physics I Lab 0.00
SCI 205 The Scientific Enterprise -N 3.00
SCI 230 Earth Science Lecture -N 3.00

Academic Catalog 17-18