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Business Administration - 63 Credits (Core - 48 Credits and Selected Concentration - 15 Credits) - BS

Delivery Method: Day/Fulton Campus, Online

The curriculum includes a core of courses and a selected concentration (15 credits) in one of the following areas: accounting and financial services, advertising and marketing, entrepreneurial management "only offered online", Leadership "only offered online", management, and management of Information Systems. Qualified students are encouraged to pursue a business-related internship. BMT517, BMT539, BMT545 and BMT580 may be taken and counted towards a student’s 122 required hours and then transferred into the MBA program upon graduation. Students, who want to complete the 5-year MBA option, should work with their advisors to plan to complete these first 4 courses during their final fall & spring undergraduate semesters. (Two courses in fall/spring and two courses in spring/fall) The remaining 6 courses will be completed the fifth year of your MBA. Students can complete the courses either on campus or online.

*Course prerequisites include non-major required course (MAT112 or MAT118) All prerequisites must be met to take denoted course.

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Core Credits: 48.00

Course # Course Title Hours
ACC 240 Principles of Accounting I 3.00
ACC 241 Principles of Accounting II 3.00
BUS 206 Entrepreneurship 3.00
BUS 231 Risk Management and Insurance 3.00
BUS 321 Principles of Marketing 3.00
BUS 324 Personal Finance 3.00
BUS 332 Business Communications 3.00
BUS 335 Business Law 3.00
BUS 351 Principles of Management 3.00
BUS 415 Corporate Finance 3.00
ECN 251 Macroeconomics -S 3.00
ECN 252 Microeconomics -S 3.00
MAT 114 Elementary Statistics -M 3.00
MIS 125 Productivity Tools 3.00

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