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SWK 322 - Addictive Behaviors & Substan Abuse

This course will focus on the following areas: drug pharmacology and its effects on the user and will include examination of such topics as classifications of drugs, synergistic effects on the body, drug tolerance and dependence and the over-the -counter pharmacology industry. A study of the special problems of the adolescent substance abuser. Emphasis will be on the identification and section as key components in initiating intervention strategies. An examination of the correlation between substance abuse and criminality. Analyzing the theoretical models of the substance abuse/ crime relationships and its implication. Topics to be explored will include drugs and street crime, DUI, intervention strategies, urinalysis testing, and substance abuse and family violence. We will attend substance abuse counseling sessions to view the process for mandated clients. Major theoretical counseling orientations are examined with an emphasis on how each of these theories applies to the treatment of substance use disorders. Theories considered include: Freudian Theory, Client-Centered Theory, Gestalt Theory, Reality Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, social learning theory and other Cognitive-Behavior Theoretical approaches.

Credit Hours: 3.00

Course Fees: $0.00

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