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HIS 342 - Public History

Do you want to work in a museum, at a historical site, in a library or archive, or maybe as a historian for an organization, or even a documentary filmmaker? Then this course is for you! But what is public history? Public history simply is presenting history for a general audience, not academics. Learn the practical skills necessary to be able to work as a public historian in a variety of occupations from tour guide to preservationist. In this course students will study the basic elements of public history, cultivate archival and manuscript research skills, and create displays and digital projects. This upper division course will involve individual research and group collaboration to create an exhibit, performance, or digital project (website, documentary film, etc.) focused on a selected historical event, person, or theme. Students will be required to travel to historical sites, libraries, archives, museums, etc. The subject of the project will change whenever the course is offered, so students are welcome to enroll multiple times.

Credit Hours: 3.00

Course Fees: $0.00

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