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HIS 226 - Manifest Destiny, Borderlands, and the American Frontier: A History of the West

“Go west, young man.” Although coined in the mid-nineteenth century, this phrase reflects the American mindset for much of its existence. Since the first European settlement in America, the history of the continent has been shaped by expansion drawn from desire for land, wealth, and liberty. But with movement came a clash of diverse cultures: America, British, French, Native, Spanish, Mexican, and many more. This course will explore the history of the American frontier from colonization through the late nineteenth century. Students will learn how colonization, expansion, and Manifest Destiny impacted the development of the United States in war and peace. Furthermore, it will engage in the ethnic and national tensions that were created in borderlands before concluding with US expansion on the world stage—imperialism.

Credit Hours: 3.00

Course Fees: $0.00

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