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HIS 101 - Dawn and Rebirth: A History of the World to 1500

History is not imposed on the world. It is the result of the consequences of an individual’s decisions, and the study of history involves analyzing the reasons behind these choices. People are influenced by not only their own beliefs, but also by their society. Despite the vast differences of time and space, common themes continue to emerge throughout the world. This course will trace recurrent historical themes of culture, religion, war, economics, and government. Students will follow the development of the world from the dawn of man into the Renaissance. Topics in this course will include ancient Egypt, classical Greece and Rome, the dynasties of China, the Crusades and the Middle Ages. By using a global focus to examine diverse cultures and societies, students will learn that though history may not repeat itself, it certainly rhymes.

Credit Hours: 3.00

Course Fees: $0.00

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