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Pre-Athletic Training Concentration - 50 Credits

*Pre-AT Majors are strongly urged to have a Biology minor.

Core Credits: 50.00

Course # Course Title Credit Hours
BIO 114 Biology I for Majors -N 4.00
BIO 115 or BIO 116 Biology I Lab for Majors or Gen Bio I Lab for Transfer students 0.00 or 1.00
BIO 124 Biology II for Majors -N 4.00
BIO 125 Biology II Lab for Majors 0.00
BIO 313 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4.00
BIO 314 Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab 0.00
BIO 323 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4.00
BIO 324 Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab 0.00
BIO 343 Neuroscience 3.00
BIO 412 Human Diseases; Modern Understanding of Pathophysiology 3.00
CHM 114 General Chemistry I -N 4.00
CHM 115 or CHM 116 General Chemistry I Lab or General Chemistry I Lab transfer st 0.00 or 1.00
CHM 124 General Chemistry II -N 4.00
CHM 125 General Chemistry II Lab 0.00
EXS 402 Introduction to Health Professions 3.00
HLT 130 Introduction to Medical Terminology 3.00
MAT 114 Elementary Statistics -M 3.00
PHY 201 Physics I -N 4.00
PHY 202 or PHY 203 Physics I Lab or Physics I Lab for transfer students 0.00 or 1.00
PHY 212 Physics II -N 4.00
PHY 213 Physics II Lab 0.00
PSY 101 General Psychology I -S 3.00

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