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History - 39 Credits 1718 Catalog

**Students are required to have 122 distinct credits for graduation**

Bachelor of Arts degree programs require a minor and a year of a foreign language.
Foreign Language:

Required Courses: 15.00 credits

Course Course Title Credit Semester Completed Grade Earned Substitutions
HIS 101 Dawn and Rebirth: A History of the World to 1500 3.00
HIS 102 Industry, Ideology, and War: A History of the World since 1500 3.00
HIS 103 Early America and the United States: Colonization, Revolution, and Civil War 3.00
HIS 104 Modern US History: From Reconstruction to Superpower 3.00
HIS 423 Senior Seminar 3.00

Required Electives: 3.00 - 24.00 credits

Course Hours Semester Completed Grade Earned Substitutions
Required History Electives - 24 Credits 24.00
Elective Notes:
U.S. History Upper Level Electives - must complete at least 9 Upper Level Credits 9.00
HIS 310 Daughters of Liberty, Sufferagists, and Feminists: The Story of Women in America 3.00
HIS 316 Built Environment in American History 3.00
HIS 324 American Revolution 3.00
HIS 342 Public History 3.00
Elective Notes:
Non-U.S. History Upper Level Electives - must complete at least 9 Upper Level Credits 9.00
HIS 321 The rise and fall of Empires: Europe from the French Revolution to World War I 3.00
HIS 340 God's & Gladiators: The Epic of the Ancient World 3.00
HIS 341 Cold War 3.00
HIS 353 World War II-H 3.00
HIS 370 Renaissance and Reformation -H 3.00
Elective Notes:
*HIS311 and HIS322 - US/World designation varies depending on the semester offered. **HIS314 can be taken once for either US or World designation.
Lower Level Elective - must complete at least 3 Credits 3.00
HIS 214 The Horse in History 3.00
HIS 215 Native America -H 3.00
HIS 216 From Slavery to Freedom to Civil Rights: The African American Experience 3.00
HIS 226 Manifest Destiny, Borderlands, and the American Frontier: A History of the West 3.00
Elective Notes:

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Academic Catalog 17-18