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Undergraduate Programs

Students are required to apply for graduation during registration period before their last semester of coursework. This Petition for Graduation will prompt the Office of the Registrar to check total hours and minimum grade point average. It will also initiate the completion of the graduation checklist by the student's academic advisor. From this review, if a student is determined to be short any requirements, there will be time to make a schedule adjustment during the add/drop period of the student's final semester. Students who fail to apply  for graduation cannot expect a program audit, inclusion in the commencement program, or participation in the graduation ceremony.

Students who apply for graduation and who complete all degree requirements will be contacted in matters relating to diplomas, academic regalia, and commencement. The graduation fee is billed at the time of their final registration.

Diplomas will be ordered with the information confirmed by the student. Should the student wish to have a name change after diplomas have been ordered, it will be at the expense of the student.

Policy for “walking short”

Students may petition to “walk short” if they are within six hours of their requirements and they register to complete the missing requirement at WWU before the end of August. (IE: A student who walks short in Spring must complete requirements prior to the August conferral date, or their conferral date will be pushed back.) They must petition the Academic Dean via a student form in OwlNet and provide their plans for completing the missing hours. If approved, they may participate in the ceremony.

If a student needs confirmation of degree completion before official conferral for any reason, the University will provide a letter stating that the student has completed all requirements for the degree. Upon request, the Office of the Registrar will provide letters of completion indicating that students have completed all graduation requirements, but their degree will not be conferred until the next graduation date. Degrees are conferred in March, April/May, June, August, October and December

Graduate Programs

All recipients of degrees awarded by the University are encouraged to participate in Commencement.

Graduate students who will have their degrees conferred in Summer may participate in the Spring commencement ceremony previous to degree conferral and complete the graduation materials online before March 1st to ensure participation. 

Graduate students who will have their degrees conferred in Fall may participate in the Spring commencement ceremony following the Fall degree conferral. Fall graduates must complete the graduation materials online as notification of intent to participate in the Spring ceremony prior to March 1st.

 Ed.D Candidates

Candidates may participate in the commencement ceremony immediately following the date of the successful defense of their dissertation. Candidates must complete the graduation materials online prior to March 1st.

Academic Catalog

This is the UNOFFICIAL Academic Catalog. This site is dynamic, subject to change and therefore may not always represent the offerings and curriculum of the latest or current academic year.

To view the official catalog for a specific academic year, please see the Official Catalogs link.

For questions regarding the curriculum for a specific academic year please contact your Academic Advisor.