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Grade Appeal


Students who believe a grade has been assigned in error or who wish to have the grade reviewed must first submit their concerns in writing to the instructor within 20 days of the end of the course.  The instructor shall then have 15 days in which to reply in writing.  (If no response, the student goes to the next step).  If a mathematical recording or other technical error is discovered, the instructor may recommend an appropriate grade change to the Registrar.  This should be completed within 30 days after the end of the semester.

If the grade is still in dispute, the second step is for the student to discuss the grade with the appropriate school director or program manager (or go directly to step 3 if the chair or manager is the instructor).  This discussion must take place within 7 days of the response from the instructor.  If, after meeting with the school director or program manager, the student still disputes his/her grade, step three is for a written appeal to be submitted to the Academic Dean.  The appeal be submitted within 7 days of the discussion with the school director or program manager and must allege:

1.       That a computational, recording, or other technical error has been made but not acknowledged by the instructor; or

2.       That the grade has been assigned in an arbitrary, capricious, or vindictive manner or in a manner intended to inappropriately manipulate or control the student.

No other grounds  for appeal exist.  The appeal should include copies of all correspondence between the student and the instructor regarding the grade plus any other supporting documents.  A copy of the appeal will be submitted to the instructor.  If the Academic Dean determines that sufficient evidence exists for a review, a subcommittee of the Academic Council will undertake a review within 20 days.  The findings of the Academic Council subcommittee are shaped as recommendations to the instructor and are shared with the Dean.  The Academic Dean has the final decision on a grade appeal. 



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