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General Requirements for Undergraduate Degree

In order to receive a bachelor’s degree, students must complete at least 122 credit hours, at least 42 of which must be at the three hundred level or above. In addition, all general education requirements must be met. A year of the same foreign language and a minor are required for students earning a Bachelor of Arts.

The final authority in determining the fulfillment of undergraduate requirements for Associate of Arts and Bachelor degrees offered by the University is the Office of the Registrar.

Baccalaureate degrees at William Woods University require an overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.00 on at least 122 semester hours of credit, a minimum of 42 upper division (junior/senior) semester hours, and completion of all requirements of the major and minor, if applicable.

Coursework transfered from a two year/junor college will not be transfered as upper level.



Academic Catalog

This is the UNOFFICIAL Academic Catalog. This site is dynamic, subject to change and therefore may not always represent the offerings and curriculum of the latest or current academic year.

To view the official catalog for a specific academic year, please see the Official Catalogs link.

For questions regarding the curriculum for a specific academic year please contact your Academic Advisor.