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The Master Degree

William Woods University confers the following Master degrees:  Master of Arts (MA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), the Master of Education (MED) in Athletic Administration, Elementary or Secondary Administration, Curriculum and Instruction, Equestrian Education, and Teaching and Technology, the Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA), and the Master of Athletic Training (MAT).

The MA, MBA, MED, MHA, and MAT degrees are designed for students who have successfully completed an academic program at the baccalaureate level and who desire to continue study at a higher level. The degree generally requires a higher level of responsibility and independence from the student. This is reflected in course projects, research in the field, working with teams, individual projects, and the successful completion of capstone presentations and field experience. The degree requires a high level of understanding of the theoretical foundations of the discipline, a specificity of focus on a specific area of knowledge, as well as the ability to apply theory to practice. The degree also demands a high level of critical thinking and evaluation skills.


The Education Specialist Degree

William Woods University offers the Education Specialist degree (Ed.S.).  The Ed.S. is a master plus thirty hour program that builds upon the skills developed in the MED degree.  The degree is designed for advanced leadership training for those who desire to become leaders for change in the classroom or in the administration of a school district.  In general, this degree has all of the expectations of the Master Degree with more emphasis on critical problem solving in a K-12 setting.  In addition, the degree requires a deeper understanding of the legal and ethical issues facing K-12 education.  This program meets state and national standards.


The Doctorate of Educational Leadership

At William Woods University, the degree Doctor of Educational Leadership is awarded to students who have successfully completed all requirements for the degree. In general, the doctorate level of study requires the student to research the latest theories in educational leadership, determine how those theories apply to current leadership issues, and contribute to the field of educational leadership. The doctorate requires independent motivation, the ability to evaluate the literature related to the area of research, and the completion of a dissertation that is successfully defended before a committee of graduate faculty.

Upon successful passage of the comprehensive exam for the Ed.D., the student is considered a candidate for the degree and is entitled to use the ABD designation (All But Dissertation).

Academic Catalog

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