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Student enrollment

 I. Terms (semesters) of attendance  


William Woods University has three semesters of attendance:  Fall semester, Spring semester and summer semester.  Each semester contains two terms of attendance:  Fall I and Fall II, Spring I and Spring II, Summer I and Summer II. 

II. Enrollment requirements: Graduate and Non-Traditional Students


A graduate, online, or other off-campus undergraduate student must be enrolled in at least one class in at least one term of each of the three semesters. Students who do not/are not enrolled in at least one class each semester will be withdrawn from the University and must re-apply.  




III. Enrollment requirements: Traditional, on campus undergraduate student


Traditional undergraduates must be enrolled in at least one class in at least one term of each of the Fall and Spring semesters.  Summer is considered an optional semester for this population.




IV. Leave of Absence (Non Military)


Students in good academic standing may apply for academic leave, allowing them to take leave of the university for one semester without having to apply for readmission. The Leave of Absence Request form is available on Owlnet under student forms.


A student may only request to take one semester leave of absence per academic year.  Students who disenroll for a longer period will be withdrawn from the university and must reapply.


A student who leaves the university (under academic leave or by withdrawal is responsible for checking with Student Financial Services to discuss any effect this could have on their financial aid. A returning student will pay the tuition rate concurrent with their return to university, regardless of whether they withdrew or were on academic leave.




V. Leave of Absence (Military)



The leave of absence policy for military personnel differs from the policy outlined above. Please contact the office of the registrar for further information. 

VI. EDU 790/791


Students enrolled in EDU 790 and/or EDU 791 must remain continuously enrolled and current on tuition payments until either their degree is conferred of the five-year time limit has passed. Any student who is dropped for non-payment will need to retake any coursework and/or Comprehensive Exams deemed necessary by the School of Education in order to continue their program. The continuing student will then be assigned a dissertation supervisor who may or may not be the one with whom the student was working previously. 


Academic Catalog

This is the UNOFFICIAL Academic Catalog. This site is dynamic, subject to change and therefore may not always represent the offerings and curriculum of the latest or current academic year.

To view the official catalog for a specific academic year, please see the Official Catalogs link.

For questions regarding the curriculum for a specific academic year please contact your Academic Advisor.