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Academic Advising

The Director of Academic Advisement is a central source of information in all areas of academic programs and policies.  The academic  is available to meet with students who desire assistance in selecting a major or minor.  Students undecided about a major or minor can receive help in selecting courses and exploring multiple programs of study.  All new students are assigned a faculty advisor when they begin their academic coursework.  Each faculty advisor assists students in setting goals, making knowledgeable career decisions, selecting a class schedule, and interpreting academic policy.  Each student is advised according to University, divisional, and departmental requirements.  The student's academic achievements and professional interests are also considered.  The ultimate responsibility for complying with University regulations and for meeting degree requirements rests with the student.

Advising First Semester Undergraduate Students

All first semester freshmen are required to take WWU 101 Connections. The only exception are Honors students who enroll in WWU 102 in place of WWU 101, or students who are 23 or older when they enter the university. This course is designed to help students be academically successful, make connections with peers, staff and faculty, and develop life skills necessary for transition into the university experience. Topics relevant to academic success such as time management, test taking, and using the University catalog will be covered.  Students may request to be reassigned to a faculty advisor in the academic division of their major following their first semester.  These changes of advisors are processed by the Director of Academic Advisement.

Academic Catalog

This is the UNOFFICIAL Academic Catalog. This site is dynamic, subject to change and therefore may not always represent the offerings and curriculum of the latest or current academic year.

To view the official catalog for a specific academic year, please see the Official Catalogs link.

For questions regarding the curriculum for a specific academic year please contact your Academic Advisor.