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At times students may wish to pursue a series of courses which will meet requisite requirements or assist in learning a certain skill needed in a profession.  These students may, with the assistance of a professional advisor and faculty in the area, design a certificate to suit these needs. 

Certificates must be at least 12 and may be no more than 21 credit hours, and must include at least four separate courses. Certificates must be completed in two or fewer academic years

Certificate seeking students may only take courses on their approved certificate plan at the certificate course rate. Other associated course fees such as lab fees or on line course fees will also be applied.

Students must apply and must meet all admissions requirements in order to be accepted to the university as a certificate seeking student.

Pre-requisites must be met for all courses in which the student intends to enroll…either by taking the course at William Woods, by transferring the course from another institution or by having met the appropriate benchmark ACT/SAT score.

All courses applied toward the certificate must be earned from William Woods University as a certificate-seeking student.

o   No transfer coursework from another institution may be applied to the certificate.

o   No coursework earned from William Woods for which the student was degree seeking/federal aid eligible may be applied to the certificate.

o   No credit for prior learning may be applied to the certificate.

Certificate seeking students who need to take courses for more than one semester will register at the same time as a classified freshman, unless the student has earned enough credit hours previously to be classified above the freshman level.

Published course rotations will apply to all certificate program courses.

Tutorials are not available for certificate seeking candidates.

Coursework earned as part of a certificate may be applied toward a degree.  Course work earned as a degree seeking student may not be applied to a certificate.

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