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Academic Integrity/Honesty

Founded on the principle of honesty, William Woods University has long endeavored to maintain an atmosphere of academic integrity.  Students are expected to refrain from:

  • Engaging in any academic work that is the product of joint effort, either inside or outside the classroom, not authorized by the instructor.
  • Plagiarism
  • Any deliberate misrepresentation of falsification to any instructor or University Official concerning academic work
  • Any attempt to bribe an instructor
  • Engaging in any other form of deceit or dishonesty.
  • Any other attempt to gain an unfair advantage concerning academic work, such as unauthorized removal or defacing of material from any University room or service area or unauthorized use of equipment and/or technology.

Faculty Responsibility

Faculty are strongly encouraged to report incidents of student academic misconduct so that the incident may be handled in a consistent, fair manner, and so that substantiated charges of misconduct may be noted in the student’s record.

Complaint Procedures

  • Any member of the University community may file a complaint alleging a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy.
  • The complaint shall be in writing and provide sufficient information for a review by the Program Director or appropriate Dean.
  • The complaint shall be directed to the Program Director or appropriate Dean within thirty days of the discovery of the alleged violation of the Academic Integrity Policy.
  • The Program Director or appropriate Dean shall review the allegation and, if it appears credible and further action is warranted, shall provide a copy of the allegation to the accused student and shall promptly schedule a meeting with the student.
  • The Program Director or appropriate Dean (or his/her designee) shall promptly investigate the allegations. If the allegations are valid, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Graduate College shall impose a sanction.
  • The sanction for violation of this policy shall be determined by the severity of the violation of this Academic Integrity Policy. Sanctions can range from a formal written reprimand, to failure of the course, and in serious cases, suspension or expulsion from the University.
  • If an allegation is determined to be valid, a copy of that determination shall be retained with the student’s official academic records. If a suspension or expulsion occurs, that shall be recorded on the student’s transcript.

Revised: 8/06/2014

Graduate Catalog 17-18