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Application for Graduation


Ed.D. and Online candidates are required to apply for graduation during the fall or spring registration period before their LAST semester of coursework. This application will prompt the registrar to review the graduation worksheet for missing requirements as well as check for overall hours and GPA. From this review, if students are determined to be “short” in hours or program requirements, they have time to adjust their final course schedule during the add/drop week. Students who fail to apply for graduation cannot expect a program audit, inclusion in the commencement program, or participation in graduation.




Cohort Candidates will be reviewed the semester prior to the final semester on the cohort calendar. Students who will not be completing the program as scheduled on the cohort calendar will need to submit an application for graduation.




Students who apply for graduation and who complete all degree requirements will be contacted regarding diplomas, academic regalia, and commencement. The graduation fee is added to the student's accounts receivable statement approximately one month prior to conferral date.  Diplomas will not be released until this fee is paid. 




Diplomas will be ordered with the information confirmed by the student. Should the student wish to have a name changed after the diplomas have been ordered, it will be at the expense of the student.


Graduate Catalog 17-18