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Withdrawal From A Course

Students who wish to withdraw from a course must notify their academic advisor in writing (email). A grade of "W" will be entered. W grades do not count in the student's semester or cumulative GPA. The withdrawal is not official until the paperwork is processed through the Office of the Registrar. A student who simply stops going to class or who fails to notify the advisor according to the deadline will receive a letter grade based upon the entire semester/term's work.

The scheduled deadline to drop a course for the 16 week semester long courses is approximately 10 weeks into the course. Comparably, students in 8 weeks courses will have through the end of the 5th calendar week of the course to withdrawal with a W grade. Students who attended or participated in the course on or after the first scheduled day will be charged full or a prorated tuition for courses dropped after the first week (5th business day).

Revised: 02/23/2016

Graduate Catalog 17-18