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Application for Readmission

Students who have withdrawn, departed without withdrawal, or been subjected to Academic Dismissal may seek readmission through the submission of an Application for Readmission. Readmission may be permitted, but the conditions of readmission may vary appreciably depending upon the manner in which the student left the institution.

For students who were suspended, once the suspension period is concluded, the student may submit a formal written Application for Readmission to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Graduate College. The application must:

  1.  Document the factors and circumstances which resulted in suspension; and
  2.  Provide evidence that the student has a plan for success. The Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Graduate College may accept the application or may continue the suspension and specify certain conditions before readmission.

Ordinarily, applications are considered within two weeks of submission.

Revised: 8/06/2014

Graduate Catalog 17-18