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MBA Prerequisites

William Woods University takes pride in delivering the highest quality education and academic standards appropriate to Graduate level learning. In conjunction with this, the University maintains specific prerequisites in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. The MBA program has undergraduate prerequisites of at least three credit hours in accounting, economics and finance.  It is the responsibility of the student to complete these prerequisites.


Temporary admission to the MBA program is allowed without the prerequisites; however, the prerequisites must be completed prior to enrolling in the fifth course, Economics for Managers (BMT 524).  Failure to complete all prerequisites by this deadline will result in a delay in obtaining the MBA degree. For example, students enrolled in an on-ground cohort who fail to achieve college credit for these pre-requisite courses by the deadline will not be able to remain on their original time-line to graduation.  Instead, they will need to complete the pre-requisite courses, then join another MBA cohort when one becomes available, or finish their degree online. 


Satisfactory completion of the prerequisites can be met by the successful completion of most undergraduate accounting,  economics and finance courses.  However, you should contact your advisor before beginning any courses to ensure the ones you have selected included the correct content and rigor to satisfy the requirements.  To simplify this process, eight-week online courses designed to meet these requirements are available through William Woods University.


Students should register for online sections of the prerequisite through their Academic Advisor.  If the course is taken at another institution, an official transcript listing the course and final grade must be received in the Graduate College Office by the deadline described above.

Graduate Catalog 17-18