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Incomplete Coursework (Grades of I)

The Incomplete may be issued only in special circumstances, defined as circumstances beyond the student’s control, which, toward the end of the course, prevents the student from finishing a small portion of the work required to complete the course within the established course schedule. The Incomplete is never granted for purposes of convenience or to enable the submission of long overdue work.

The obligation to remove an Incomplete grade rests exclusively with the student. The student must honor this obligation within four (4) weeks of the last class session in which the Incomplete was recorded. An Incomplete grade, which is not removed within four weeks of the last class session, will be converted to the grade that the student would have made at the end of the semester.

In extraordinary circumstances, those in which it can be unequivocally demonstrated physical or mental incapacity prevent the student from removing the Incomplete within the four-week period, the appropriate dean may extend the period in which the obligation might be satisfied for another three weeks; or subsequent to determining that incapacity will prevent the student from satisfying the obligation within such a period, the appropriate dean may authorize a withdrawal from the course. The determination to extend or to authorize a withdrawal may be made only if formally requested by the student or an authorized representative of the student. The obligation to seek such actions rests exclusively with the student.



Graduate Catalog 17-18